Appliance Service & Repair Software

Some appliances will need routine maintenance and will require service and repair calls over time.

AIM Repair & Service Software Features

  • Integrated with AIM POS so that you can add and track inventory parts to the service ticket and keep track of inventory to keep on hand what you need for a service call or repair.
  • Manage non-inventory requests with the AIM repair and service module.
  • Track time and labor. Assign service and repair techs and track their labor hours based on service type.
  • Setup reminders for service dates and email customers for routine maintenance suggestions.
AIM service ticket

Active-e Services

Add Active-e

Active-e integration services logo

Active-e is a set of integration services that extends the power of AIM to the outside world.

AIM has all you need to run your business: track inventory, selling product, collecting payments, repair estimates, service tickets, delivery & billing. Active-e is what extends those same functions to websites, mobile applications and 3rd party developers.

Some of the services Active-e integration provides.
  • Publish inventory from AIM to your E-Commerce Site.
  • Import Sales Information into AIM.
  • Accept payments for open accounts, contracts & online repair estimate approvals.
  • View account history (invoices, repairs, special orders and more).
  • Add & update credit card information.
  • Handles phone & SMS messages to your customers i.e. service call scheduled for 8:00 am on Friday.
  • Push notifications to mobile.
  • Credit Checks.
  • Storing credit card tokens for autopay contract payments.
  • Connect with eBay & Amazon.

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